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How To Buy

New Customers - Software Purchase

JustAttach is licensed based on Server Licence and Client Access Licence (CAL). The initial purchase of JustAttach includes a 12-month Service Agreement, which entitles you to software updates and technical support via phone and email.

Description List Price
Small Business Edition
JA-0500-2023 JustAttach Small Business Edition (5 Users) 1,358
Corporate Edition
JA-1000-2023 JustAttach Server Licence 4,616
JA-2010-2023 JustAttach Client Licence, 10-User Pack 190
JA-2020-2023 JustAttach Client Licence, 50-User Pack 824
JA-2030-2023 JustAttach Client Licence, 100-User Pack 1,401
JA-2040-2023 JustAttach Client Licence, 200-User Pack 2,391
JA-2050-2023 JustAttach Client Licence, 500-User Pack 4,946
JA-2060-2023 JustAttach Client Licence, 1000-User Pack 8,243

For licence covering more than 2000 users, or any matters related to licensing, please contact sales@cnt.com.sg.

Purchase will come with perpetual software license and current 12 months of Service Agreement offering:

  • Unlimited phone and email support directly from CNT.
  • Software version upgrade protection.

Existing Customers - Service Agreement Renewal

To continue to receive support and upgrades after the first year, you have to renew the Service Agreement for subsequent years.

Description List Price
Small Business Edition
JA-0550-2023 JustAttach Small Business Edition Service Agreement 371
Corporate Edition
JA-1100-2023 JustAttach Server Service Agreement 1,154
JA-2110-2023 JustAttach Client Service Agreement, 10-User Pack 48
JA-2120-2023 JustAttach Client Service Agreement, 50-User Pack 206
JA-2130-2023 JustAttach Client Service Agreement, 100-User Pack 351
JA-2140-2023 JustAttach Client Service Agreement, 200-User Pack 598
JA-2150-2023 JustAttach Client Service Agreement, 500-User Pack 1,236
JA-2160-2023 JustAttach Client Service Agreement, 1000-User Pack 2,061

Customer must provide relevant serial numbers to renew Service Agreement. New Service Agreement will renew one day after last active Service Agreement.