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JustAttach Datasheet

Send Files

Send Files
  • Simple, intuitive interface accessible via web browser or Outlook Plugin.
  • Send multiple files at once.
  • Re-send files to anyone, at any time.
Reliable Transfer
  • No limit on file size.
  • No restriction on file type.
  • Supports unicode file names (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc).
  • Recipients download files using any web browser.
  • Recipients do not need an account to download files.
Resume Transfer
  • Resume interrupted uploads.
  • Resume interrupted downloads using any download manager.
Track Downloads
  • Detailed log of file downloads: who (email address), when (time) and where (IP address).
  • Get email notification when your file is downloaded.
Access Control
  • Set file expiry date.
  • Restrict number of times file can be downloaded.
  • Set file secret.
  • Grant download and upload permissions to recipients by email address.
  • Disable or delete a file to make it immediately unavailable for download.

Receive Files

Receive Files
  • Invite recipients to upload files to your account by sending them an upload link.
  • Recipients do not need an account to send files back to you.
  • Get email notification when you receive files.

Email Integration

Outlook Plugin
  • Send, track and manage files directly from Microsoft Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007.
  • Same familiar interface as web browser.
Other Email Clients
  • Copy links in a single click and paste into your message.
  • Send links as an HTML attachment in your email.

Compliance and Audit

  • Block files by file extension.
  • Administrator can disable, block or delete files violating company policy.
  • Enforce email validation or acces control for downloads and uploads from internal / external IP addresses.
  • Complete, searchable audit trail of all file transfer activities.


Data Security
  • Files stored in your own secure, on-premise server.
  • Files are encrypted (AES-256).
  • Files are transferred through secure connections (HTTPS).
  • Supports authentication through secure channels (SSL / TLS).
  • Leverage on real-time scan of existing anti-virus software on your server.
File Transfer Controls
  • Prevent automated bot downloads using CAPTCHA.
  • Throttle download and upload speeds from internal and external IP addresses.
  • Limit number of total number of concurrent downloads.
  • Limit number of concurrent downloads per web browser session.
  • Built-in 2FA (TOTP) for user login. Use Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, or any compatible smartphone app to generate OTP.

Setup and Integration

Minimal Configuration
  • Works out-of-box with your email system (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, IMail, SendMail, etc).
  • Firewall friendly, requires only port 443 (HTTPS).
Integrated Authentication
  • Supports enterprise authentication systems (AD, LDAP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, RADIUS, SAML, Custom URL).
  • Local database accounts for external users not in enterprise directory.
  • Supports multiple domains with different authentication method on the same server.
  • No installation of software.
  • Simple, intuitive web interface requires no user training.
  • Supports all modern web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
  • Automate large-scale deployment of Outlook Plugin using GPO.
Corporate Branding
  • Website with corporate URL and SSL certificate.
  • Incorporate your company name and logo.
  • Customize message ticker on login page.
  • Customize footer in email messages.

System Management

Account Management
  • Automatically create account on first successful authentication.
  • Bulk import of accounts from file.
  • Set account expiry date.
  • Automatically expire inactive accounts.
  • Automatically delete expired accounts.
  • Limit number of users in each domain.
File Storage
  • Store files on local disks, SAN, NAS or file share.
  • Set domain defaults or per-user policy: disk quota, file retention, maximum / minimum file size, prohibited file extensions.
  • Automatically delete expired files.
Reports and Alerts
  • Summary reports (top 10 users, traffic summary, etc).
  • Detailed, searchable file logs.
  • Send system alert when thresholds are breached (number of files, disk usage, etc).