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Case Studies


At the Singapore headquarters of a home-grown MNC, this leading precision manufacturing services provider has rolled out the use of JustAttach to over 1,000 of its employees in the region.

Unhappy about using standard email and FTP solutions to perform transfer of large documents and files, end-users were also never sure if the recipients (internal employees and external vendors) had actually received and downloaded the documents.

JustAttach helped overcome these constraints and provided features users have been asking for, such as ease of use and tracking of downloads. What really made the sale was the minimal amount of administrative effort required on the IT department.

Government and Public Service

In line with its mission to foster knowledge-based information exchange, this customer required a fast, secure, and easy to maintain system to efficiently send large documents to both internal users and external partners.

JustAttach was selected to help almost 2,000 of its end-users to provide encrypted file exchange with near zero IT administration effort.

In addition to having full control over who can access confidential files, users can also set a download secret for each file for added security. Files are also automatically purged from the system their expiry dates, thus ensuring that forgotten files will never fall into the wrong hands.

Information Technology

Constantly bogged down by requests for their marketing and training materials - PowerPoint presentations, product datasheets, software patches, evaluation software and video clips - this company needed a solution that can be used by both sales and support teams to deliver information quickly to customers.

By uploading files to JustAttach just once, end-users can subsequently send the same materials to customers at a later time. All the while, end-users are able to track which customers have downloaded the files.