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Advantages Over Public File Hosting Services

Data Security

Allowing users to transfer private client information or confidential documents to a third-party file hosting service puts your organisation at high risk for a data breach or non-compliance.

With JustAttach, files are stored encrypted on your own secured, in-premise server. You have full control over physical and network access to the server.

Corporate Branding

Some public file transfer services cater to consumers and may be associated with pirated software or illegal downloads.

JustAttach is focused on only enterprise users. You can incorporate your company name and logo into the website. Hosting JustAttach using a corporate URL and SSL certificate also builds trust and confidence in your clients and partners.

Tracking and Audit Controls

Most file hosting services do not provide adequate functions for tracking and audit, making compliance with corporate and security policies impossible.

JustAttach allows you to enforce user access, recipient email validation, file size limits and transfer settings. Administrators also have complete visibility on user accounts and files with reports and detailed tracking.

Integrated Authentication

Integrating JustAttach with your enterprise authentication system minimizes administration overhead and enhances security. User experience is improved as users simply use their existing network password to access JustAttach, and do not have to manage another set of credentials.

Fast Transfer Speeds

Transferring large files over the internet can be slow and prone to interruptions when network conditions are sub-optimal. Adding to the frustration are limits imposed by file hosting services on the number of file transfers and bandwidth consumption.

Being hosted in your own network, users enjoy very fast, sustainable transfer speeds when transferring files to JustAttach from the office network.