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Advantages Over FTP
Advantages Over Public File Sharing Services
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Advantages Over FTP

No Software Installation

FTP requires both parties to install, configure and operate special client software to transfer files. On the other hand, users can access JustAttach simply by using any modern web browser.

Ease of Use

Because FTP sites are difficult for business users to use, they need training and technical support to use this tool effectively. JustAttach comes with a simple, intuitive web browser interface that makes it easy for even first-time users to transfer files.

Minimal IT Overhead

FTP servers require many IT hours creating user accounts, communicating passwords and helping users navigate complex protocols. IT administrators are responsible for creating and deleting accounts and files, which is an important but tedious and error-prone process. When files and accounts are not terminated in a timely manner, your business may be exposed to security risks.

With JustAttach, account creation can be automated by integrating with your enterprise authentication service. On-going management of files and accounts is no longer a problem because you can set policies and just let the system handle account and file clean-up.

Most importantly, administrators no longer need to create or manage accounts for external users. Your users can send files to anyone, or invite anyone to send files back -- the other party does not need an account!

No Firewall Configuration

For FTP to work, corporate firewalls need to be configured to allow certain ports and protocols. JustAttach uses standard HTTPS over port 443, which works just fine with your existing firewall policy.

Out-of-Box Security

Standard FTP is insecure because it transfers data in plain text. Securing FTP involves significant effort in configuring the FTP server, adjusting firewall policies, deploying connection profiles to internal and external users, and handling support issues.

Data security is a fundamental feature of JustAttach. All files stored in JustAttach are encrypted (AES-256) using random keys. During download, the file is decrypted on-the-fly and transferred via secure connection (HTTPS) to the recipient.