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Advantages Over Email

No File Size Limits

Email is one of the easiest methods of file transfer. The main drawback is that you cannot send files larger than 20MB via email, and most email servers do not even accept attachments of more than 10MB.

JustAttach allows corporate users to send files and folders using the familiar email interface, but without any limits on file size. Large attachments are uploaded to JustAttach, offloading file attachments from email servers. Recipients download the files simply by clicking secure links sent along with the email message.

Bypass File Type Restrictions

Email servers and email programs routinely block attachments that are considered "unsafe". EXE files, XLS with macros, or even password-protected ZIP files may be rejected. This restriction is extremely frustrating for users who need to send such files for legitimate reasons.

As JustAttach offloads file attachments from the email message, any files you send are not subjected to these restrictions and can reliably reach your recipients. Don't worry, JustAttach works with the anti-virus software on your server to ensure that files are safe and do not contain any viruses and malware.

Receive Files

Your client or business partner will face similar difficulties when sending large files to you via email.

With JustAttach, you simply send them an Upload Link for them to transfer files to your account. When the files are ready, you will receive a email with secure links to download the files.

Track Downloads

Read receipts and tracking cookies have become ineffective because email recipients routinely block return receipts.

JustAttach automatically tracks all file transfers, providing an accurate and detailed log which you can view at any time. You can choose to be notified whenever a download occurs. You will also receive summary reports periodically before a files expires, and a final report when the file is deleted from your account.

Prevent Unauthorized Downloads

It is important that only the right people can download your files. Sending an email to the wrong person, or careless forwarding of email by a recipient are real possibilities.

To prevent unauthorized downloads, you can protect your files in several ways:

  • Secret
    You set a secret and share it with recipients. Recipients are required to enter the shared secret before download is permitted.
  • Email Validation
    Validate the email addresses of recipients to identify who has downloaded your file.
  • Access Control
    You specify the email addresses of recipients who can download your file.

To meet stringent data policies, administrators have the option to enforce access control for all files at system level. This policy can be applied on all downloads, or only on downloads from external IP addresses.

Recall Files

If you have sent out a file by mistake using regular email, it is almost impossible to recall the message and its contents.

With JustAttach, you can simply disable (or delete) the file, which effectively blocks all subsequent downloads.